Roof water harvesting and re-use


  • Water supply resilience - can provide water supply in event of disruption to mains water supply for example in the event of an earthquake or volcanic eruption the mains water supply could be unavailable for a period of a week up to several months
  • Economic
    • Ongoing reduction in volumes of mains water used with associated reduced invoice charges from mains water supplier
  • Environmental
    • reduced use of water sourced from surface and groundwater supplies
    • downstream stormwater benefit due to reduction in stormwater flow volume
  • Corporate social responsibility
    • Reduction of water footprint

Planning and engineering services provided

  • Assessment of water use requirements, hydrological and water use modelling to determine volumes of available roof water and assess optimum tank volume
  • Tank design and siting
    • Location, dimensions, material type
    • Screening, water treatment
  • Concept design and reporting for resource consent and input to detailed design for building consent applications

Rainwater Harvesting Tank for Rest Home Facility Schematic Section

Nigel Mark-Brown

BE (Civil) MIPENZ Chartered Professional Engineer

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